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Music Related Education

Audio Courses: online audio production courses

Digital Music Doctor: creates pro audio training courses for musicians. Our library of music training includes tutorials for Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar, Sony Acid Pro, and Sony Sound Forge. Thousands of musicians from all over the world have enjoyed the benefits of these interactive video courses. Get your music making in high gear today by clicking on one of these images!

DJTutorial.com : Downloadable multimedia DJ courses for DJ of all experience levels

Free Band Promotion: The Independent Internet Musician's Association is an online association of independent musicians. Music specific education for web promotion and marketing of your band or solo music site. Discounts at online retailers available for members

Free Guitar Chords: A large listing of guitar chords. Learn chord progression and understand why some chords sound better together then others

Guitar Scale: Guitar lessons for the beginner on DVD, helping guitarists improve the easy way including intermediates from the UK

Good Ear: the free, online ear training site with lots of exercises help you to develop good ears

Guitar Chords: learn how to play guitar chords at Guitar Chords Magic

Guitar Lessons: Guitar Tricks is 45 guitar instructors with over 2500 online guitar lessons in one massive site. Online guitar lessons use video, mp3 and guitar tablature so you can learn guitar at any time of day or night. Lessons cover every major style including acoustic, blues, classical, country, jazz, rock and metal

Guitar Mentor: Revolutionary guitar instruction, and scale/tonality calculation software. "NOT tired old tablature. This is quite remarkable"

Guitar Scale : Guitar lessons for the beginner on DVD, helping guitarists improve the easy way including intermediates from the UK

Guitar Secrets: lead guitar made easy with free online guitar lessons

H.E.A.R. Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers: a non-profit grassroots organization of hearing professionals; including audiologists, ear doctors, educators, and music industry professionals dedicated to the prevention of hearing loss and tinnitus for musicians, music industry professionals and (especially younger) music fans

IknowAudio.com: learn with us! We'll teach you what you want to know! Digital v. Analog recording techniques, the nature of sound, how to mix properly, how to master, how to EQ your mixes, how to use compressors and Reverbs, and if you don't learn from our instruction, we'll refund your money.

International Archives for the Jazz Organ (IAJO): providing extensive information about jazz organ music records and musicians

Jamey Aebersold Jazz: for almost 40 years, the name Jamey Aebersold has been literally synonymous with the very best in jazz education materials. A world-class performer and a very charismatic teacher/lecturer who has traveled the globe giving seminars and workshops, Jamey's lifelong mission is to teach people how to play jazz and improvise

JAZCLASS with Michael Furstner: Award winning Music Education site with books, downloads, CD-ROMs and online lessons on Blues, Jazz, Improvisation, Theory, Learning to Read Music, Piano Technique and Saxophone

Jazz Guitar at Play Jazz Guitar.com: Free lessons, player profiles, home study courses, articles, forums, links and more

Jeannie Deva Voice Studios: Free online singing voice lessons and resources for contemporary singers covering all styles of music. Be a better singer with improved range, control and tone with private lessons or books and CDs in The Deva Method®.

The Jingle Course: everything you always wanted to know about writing and selling jingles, the "$10,000" Jingle Contest, and more!

JustEnough: utilizes video, CD-ROM, audio book & CD, and their web site to teach just enough of guitar, vocals and (soon) bass and drums to get you started and keep you going

Know your Keyboard Piano: find unbiased answers to your queries before you arrive at a decision to buy your first keyboard or a Piano. A comprehensive resource on Keyboards and Piano!

London School of Sound: music production courses, Dj Courses, Certified Apple Logic Training Center. Only Four Students per Class.

MaximumMusician.com: free guitar lessons and music articles that address persistent and challenging questions faced by musicians

Mid Ocean School of Media Arts: we provide the education you will need in the ever-changing field of audio production. Whether you are pursuing a career or simply want to learn how to record your own music, at our facility you will...

Musicademy: offering local courses in guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals and drums for children and adults of all abilities in Watford, Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Chalfont St Peter, Guildford and London. For students further afield they have produced a series of teaching DVDs. These are focused on worship music

MusicCareers.net: start or build a career in the music industry with knowledge and confidence thanks to our well informed community. Learn the keys to working on the road or in the studio; learn about writing songs, getting them published, and much more

Music Competition: Musician War is an online music competition and musician community. Members post mp3s of their own playing, which are then matched up in two-person contests based on instrument, genre, etc. Members vote on which entry is better, and make comments on how they might be improved.

Music Education New York - A Jazz Ensemble Performer, Composer and Contemporary Jazz Music Program: Our vision is to provides access to the Jazz & contemporary music performers to the public in New York at large through Program Development Think Tank & Music Educational Service Provider, Creators Platform & performing ensemble

Musicians Institute: a contemporary music school in LA offering musicians, vocalists and recording engineers the means to raise their professional skills with degree, certificate and non-certificate programs

Musicians United Resources (an MSN Group): promotional opportunities, message boards, collaboration, music articles, jukebox and more. A large collection of resources for musicians of all experience levels and ages

Music Production Techniques: Future Rhythm is committed to providing the best training and certification courses for any price. They offer standard training courses, which will help you to learn professional music and audio post production techniques

Musictech College: a leader in contemporary music education, drawing the finest music students and faculty both nationally and internationally for 17 years. One of the most advanced recording and production programs, alongside a respected school for professional musicians. Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in music for guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals, brass, woodwinds as well as recording and production technology, music business and motion imaging

Music Lessons: established in 1991 Natural Ear Music provides the best music lessons to the kids of Austin, Texas

OIART: the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology. The OIART experience provides graduates with a well-rounded audio engineering education and thorough training in today’s sound recording technologies. This combination makes our grads among the most employable in the industry. If you’re intelligent, have an ear for audio, and the commitment to succeed, OIART has a place for you — and we will help you make a place for yourself in an exciting industry.

Pacific Audio Visual Institute : career school training for the experts of tomorrow in Audio Engineering, Sound Production, Film & Music Business, Digital Filmmaking, Graphic Design, Game Design and the Entertainment Industry.

Piano Lessons: Online piano lessons with video and audio examples. Free lessons designed for the absolute beginner to advanced student

Piano Lessons and Used Piano - Ika's site: Ika Mardianti's website for piano music instrument training in Jakarta Indonesia.

Play Piano: Play piano lessons using power piano chords!

Practice Perfect: features books, CDs, computer software and more to help musicians achieve their goals. The better the practice, the better the performance

Random Chord Generator: The Random Chord Generator is ideal for displaying random chord sequences

The Recording Workshop: part & full time practical courses on all aspects of music technology, music production & sound engineering. One of the longest established sound engineering & music technology colleges in the UK. The only recording school in the UK that we know of, possibly the world, to have a maximum of only 5 students per course .No previous recording, musical knowledge, experience or qualifications necessary. Fully equipped professional recording studio with recently updated 48 track analogue & digital equipment, 3 studios & 2 live rooms.

Seedling Music their students enjoy private vocal and instrumental lessons, song writing and recording instruction, and live music industry performance coaching

Songstuff Music Business Resource: browse through articles, forum posts, glossary descriptions and categorised links. From information about the way the Music business works, to song copyright, contracts, music promotion, and interviews with professionals working in the music biz

SongU.com: SongU.com provides over 40 multi-level online courses developed by award-winning songwriters in addition to online coaching, co-writing and pitching opportunities

Songwriter Advisor: this innovative, complete songwriting resource uses pro tips and techniques to give beginner to advanced songwriters the best chance at being successful in the music industry

Songwriting Hub: offering free songwriting tips, articles, music, and news for the amateur songwriter. Sign up to receive tips and articles in your mailbox as they are released. Membership also entitles you to free and exclusive access to songwriting ebooks, downloads, involvement in discussions, and the submission of world news

Steps to Stardom: never before has there been a tool like this available to individuals seeking stardom in the music industry. Go behind the doors and into the minds of label CEO's, A&R's, famous producers, platinum recording celebrities, and various others to gain step by step guidance and invaluable information that will assist you on your journey to stardom

Studio Recording Microphones: detailed Information about the types and uses of recording microphones. With articles on microphone types and placement

Robert Urban/URBAN PRODUCTIONS: Upper West Side Manhattan NYC based music creation/production/recording facility. Award winning guitarist/composer/arranger/producer ROBERT URBAN works in all styles - rock to hip-hop to classical. Specializing in music for film, dance, theater; and producing singer/songwriters. Private instruction in guitar, bass, music theory and digital recording.

US School of Commercial Music: offers serious students and working musicians an affordable equivalent to residential college music programs in arranging, songwriting, media scoring and performance