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1 Voice Global: "the voice of the spirit"

2002 Studios: a music production company which offers a variety of different products. Training and music ICT consultancy, Studio Hire, Original Composition for Media, Full Commercial Productions; 2002 Studios can handle it all

Alcatraz Production: site of the record label ALCATRAZ Prod, dealing with indie rock, creativity, video clips, movies, theater, rock subculture, and other stuff. This label signed the upcoming rock band proXima. ALCATRAZ Prod is always looking for new talents for their rock compilations

Attitude Productions: Independent Music Production

Audiobulb.com: Exploratory music record label and home to "Endless Endless" and the "Root of Sine" project

Matt Bayles Producer/Engineer: Seattle based producer, engineer, musician, who has worked with Pearl Jam, The Murder City Devils, The Blood Brothers, Botch, Vendetta Red, and Rocky Votolato among others. Also a member of Minus The Bear

BeatKnocka Productions: offering all custom beats and production

Beat Mobb Music: providing urban music compositions, beat cd's, producer sample cd's, and loop soundpacks. Also specializing in producing hip hop and r&b radio/club singles

Beats by Markus: high quality hip hop production. Our tracks are designed to make you sound like the best rappers out there - and we make it real easy for you to choose and receive the beats that you want. The process is simple - just listen to the beats, either order online or call/e-mail us with your choice(s)

The Better Button: Producers with the experience & skill to make you sound even better

Robert ³Void² Caprio: New York based independent producer/engineer. 17 years experience in world-class studios working with artists like Pet Shop Boys, Peter Gabriel, Public Enemy, Carly Simon, Helmet, Live and many others. Currently working with unsigned bands to develop and promote for artist empowerment. Focused on seeing projects from start to finish (and beyond) while maintaining high standards even when working with smaller budgets

Peter Carroll: songwriter, guitarist, composer and aspiring producer based in Glasgow, Scotland looking to work with up and coming US based singer/songwriters who play guitar/keyboards, with an interest in producing their demo's, prior to them being sent out to Record Co's/Publishers

Clou Records: Austrian-American label. Mainly fusion productions covering various styles in electronica, world and ambient with a big influence from Levantine music. Main artist Murat Ses

Jackie Cook/Song Cellar Productions: Jackie Cook is a seasoned producer with over 22 years experience working with many of Nashville’s most successful songwriters, artists and publishers. His specialty is vocals and harmonies

D and R Productions: consists of two hot producers - Dale 'Diggy' Goode and Richard 'Slick' Dye. Provides tracks to publishing companies for movies and commercial jingles

Drew Daniels: Grammy-nominated, long-time UCLA Recording instructor, producer, musical artist and studio. Operating a "Gimmick-Free Zone" where art is central and communication of artistic intent is the goal

G-Man Music and Radical Radio: Scott G (The G-Man) creates songs, radio spots, and music for film and TV from studios in Los Angeles

EG Productions: production company in Bogota-Columbia, South America, developing musical projects in areas such as audio/video post, music production for musicicians/bands, and for films and jingles

Eduardo Garcia: site of the producer/engineer

Hit Pop Productions: Sydney Australia based song-writing and music production studio specialising in writing cutting edge pop, R&B, and rock tracks for singers and artists. Demos, album pre-production, jingles and film/TV scores

IllyRap Recordings: specializing in Hip Hop/R&B instrumentals and lyrics

In Fidelity Recordings: recording and mixing in a creative atmosphere that caters to the artist. ProTools HD2 and an extensive assortment of analog equipment. Additional services include production, CD replication, graphic design/artwork, mastering, and the hiring of session musicians

Jack Endino: a Seattle-based independent rock producer / engineer who has worked with bands like Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Murder City Devils, Bruce Dickenson, Mark Lanegan, Nebula, Hellacopters, L7, Therapy? and many more

Jenius B.: is a Hip-Hop and R&B producer who helps artists to make top-quality industry standard music productions. He provides to independent and established artists exclusive instrumentals and services such mastering,mixing etc.

Johnny George: Veteran Voice Actor. Natural, "real" and versatile voice talent heard worldwide. ISDN available

Karen Kane: producer/engineer Karen Kane has been in the music industry for 32 years. Her website lists over 175 album credits, 11 of her published articles in Canadian Musician Magazine, client quotes, profiles, bio, interesting links and a description of the classes she currently teaches.

Benjy King: is an all-encompassing producer, arranger, engineer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. With his main focus deep in record production, Benjy has collected an amazing array of high end recording equipment, including vintage microphones and compressors as well as dozens of guitars and keyboards.

La Cantina Productions: Soulful hip hop grooves for demos, albums and multimedia. All prices include free promotion! Visit our site to buy rap beats, browse through our resource directory and take advantage of many other services for emerging artists.

Life Line Records Music Production: located in McKinney, Texas, Life Line Studios offers professional music production to in and out of area clients with flat-fee mixing & mastering services including delivery via Fed-Ex or per client request

Chris Mara: independent Producer/Engineer based out of Nashville, TN. Chris works with artists from all over the country, and works all over the country- focusing on independent artists and artists on small independent labels. Take a look at his client list, testimonials, FAQ and sounds pages

Drew Mazurek: an engineer producer with big names under his belt, such as Linkin Park, Byzantine, Gwar and many others

Mac Productions:specializing in custom tracks for music production. We provide music for albums, demos, radio, and/or TV commercials, sound libraries, loops etc. Genres include hip hop, R&B, reggae, dancehall, reggaeton, pop, and gospel

Many Moods Production Company: Many Moods assists new artists, production companies, indie record labels, managers, songwriters, musicians, veterans, video & film companies and aspiring CEO's. In addition they are Executive producers offering music productions, music publishing and recordings, along with self-help seminars, workshops and more

Master Room Studio: studio based in the West Indies. Presently The Master Room is working on developing soca, dancehall, rap and RnB artistes in the Caribbean

Roby Meola: Roby Meola is a London based Music Producer involved in many projects ranging from Rock Alternative Bands to Orchestral Film Scores. Roby Meola offers his services for Professional Productions as well as Demos. Prolific, award-winning producer, Timbaland, has said “it is simply the best stuff I have heard come out of the UK in a long time,” and referred to Roby Meola as a “brilliant producer"

Moving Keys Productions: a Music Production Company with a passion to produce the best possible "Record Breaking Hits" for all aspiring artists

Music Demo Producer: would you like to hear your own songs professionally arranged, played, recorded and mixed, like the music productions on the CDs, or on the radio?...We can make your music sound like that!!! MusicDemoProducer.com is a professional service for SINGERS, SONGWRITERS and in general all those who have music ideas and feel the need to have them sound GOOD: and that is where we come in the picture, when You hire us as music demo producers.

Orbital Sound Records: Orbital Sound is dedicated to providing new music from emerging artists with an indieculture vibe

Parana Records: independent label handling the group Skoolboard and artist Toxic

Paul Sadler Productions: Paul is a professional freelance record producer / engineer, based in the North of England. He has been making professional quality recordings since 2004. If you are looking for a producer / engineer to record a professional quality release, at a fraction of the usual cost, or for any other info, feel free to email him

Daryl Pierce: freelance audio engineer and music producer based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. From this location he spreads good sound in ever widening waves. Whether it be over internet, CD, radio, or megaphone loudspeaker he is able to make your project have the musical impact you desire

Plain Truth Entertainment: website of Steve Sola, Gold,Platinum and Multi-Platinum RIAA Awards for Recording/Mixing Engineer and Producer with an impressive client list.

Professional Crazy Productions: a music production company along with video production that take their work seriously in audio engineering, video editing, recording, mixing and making beats. They produce and have music/instrumentals for purchase. They make commercials, short clips and more

RHL Audio: my name is Chris Murphy, I have been an audio engineer for 29 years, and I specialize in recording real musicians playing real instruments. I can record and mix at almost any location YOU choose. Client list includes: Live Crew, Barbra Streisand, Rude Buddha, Jody Marshall, J. Street Jumpers, Juniper Lane, Moonfire, The Nighthawks, Saffire, and others. I have done projects for The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, PBS, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, and many more.

Barry Rudolph: displays his vast career and history by way of a comprehensive discography and dozens of in-studio stories about all the famous people he has recorded. There are also many useful technical tables and information for the beginner and expert recording engineer. There are also archives of Rudolph's magazine pieces written over the last fifteen years concerning new recording technology and musical instruments.

Section For Hire Music Productions: Section For Hire Music Productions™, is a group of experienced and passionate musicians who are committed to bringing Music back into the Music Business. The basis of this project is a community of musicians who care deeply about creating and playing great music

Shay's Studio: offering production help to singer songwriters in Ireland

SpotWorks Audio Production: post audio production of full feature radio programs along with audio production for multi-media projects

Studio Ion: music production, composition and arrangement services for songwriters, vocalists, musicians, and bands

The Top 20 Most Innovative Record Producers of all Time: a top twenty hall of fame of the most innovative record producers of all time. The criteria to appear in the chart is that the producers must be known for being either innovative with recording techniques, have produced an identifiable sound that wasn't around before that was associated with them or contributed to a wide variety of work that includes many masterpiece type recordings

Trimordial Studio: Audio recording & live sound engineering. Video production, graphics, fine & commercial art, photography, & website design. Based in Las Vegas NV USA

Trip-Hop Online Studio: send them your song and they will produce a commercial product. The whole process is managed through Internet. Song demo production, vocal polishing, mastering and post production for songwriters and singers worldwide. Focused mostly on Trip-Hop, dNb, Industrial, Alternative, Techno, Synth-Pop, Dance and other electronic music styles

Ultrasound Recording: website of producer Daniel Christopherson. Home of Scrunchy Cat Records & Cherishment Publishing (BMI). Grammy-Voting Member, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

Marc Urselli: Two-time Grammy Award winning engineer and producer, Marc Urselli is one of the most prominent figures in today's music industry. Based in New York, where he is chief house engineer at EastSide Sound Recording Studios (www.eastsidesound.com), Marc Urselli has quickly made a name for himself while working with the like of Luther Vandross, Les Paul, Sting, Joss Stone, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, to name a few

Robert Urban/URBAN PRODUCTIONS: Upper West Side Manhattan NYC based music creation/production/recording facility. Award winning guitarist/composer/arranger/producer ROBERT URBAN works in all styles - rock to hip-hop to classical. Specializing in music for film, dance, theater; and producing singer/songwriters. Private instruction in guitar, bass, music theory and digital recording.

Veit Wayman: site of certified sound-engineer, sound-designer and Keyboarder Veit Wayman. In 2001 Veit Wayman founded the "My Child" recording Studio in Tenerife the Canary Islands, Spain

WAKEman Mix: WAKEman is a UK based music producer of any genre of music, also remixes for clubland, dance etc., with full mastering to commercial release standard from demo to final release, using the latest State of the Art Production studio around on the planet. Many remixes are done for credits or donations to the transverse myelitis assoc. You Record..... they edit and make it Amazing!

Wintertainment Music: specializing in theme music and original songs for film or music production for your hit record

Wize Records: Wize Records is a true independent record label founded by singer, songwriter, rapper, and electronic musician angie Wize

World Access Music: a producer of cutting edge, mainstream, hip hop and r&b music tracks with an old school flavor.

Wreckless Music: Wreckless Music offers beat production, internet studio recording, online beat distribution and custom made royalty free beats! They also operate as an independent record label

Russel C. Writer: cult record producer featured in the top 20 most innovative Record Producers of all time. He started the Cult Themes trend in the 90's as well as inventing the music genres Pop Noir and Ska Surf. Also produced some Mod/Britpop Classics and specialises in Girl related artists. He has had over 250 Tracks comercially released Worldwide. He is based in the UK at present being British and is represeted by Seven Sister Management Tokyo Japan

John Wydrycs: recording engineer, John Wydrycs received a Grammy Award in 1999 for Album of the Year for his work on Lauryn Hill’s “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill”. In 1993, Mr. Wydrycs's services were requested to mix songs for Jodeci’s “Diary Of A Mad Band” with producer Mr. Dalvin. Client list and credits include The Smashing Pumpkins, Diana King, Run-D.M.C., Aerosmith, N.B.C.,Sting, K.D. Lang, Deborah Harry, Blondie just to name a few. Visit his website for full credits.