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Production Tips and Advice

Blue Sound Studios : independent recording & production school, online mixing, mastering. Specializing in recording and production for HipHop, R&B, & Dance Styles. Get training on engineering & music production

Chambinator's Chambinarium: pre-production and production tips, technical chat room and much more to make the most of your studio sessions; from the producer of Watcha, the Semitones, PMT, Gumchewa, Outloud. Site both in English and French

DrumNbass.com: This site is dedicated to everyone involved in producing drum and bass. In our friendly forum you can find a lot of information on producing tracks. You can ask questions about sound creation and get help when you have problems with your software or hardware

The Freedom Exchange:The online songwriters workshop, serving songwriters since 1996. Get help with lyrics, melody and song composition with our many articles. You can interact with other songwriters on our message board for more feedback on you songwriting skills.

Making Music: Hi tech computer music software and hardware reviews, practical hands-on tutorials, music-making hints and tips, written by professional musicians, seasoned computer users and professional writers

International Federation of Soundhunters: the Fédération International des Chasseurs de Sons (FICS) or International Federation of Sound Hunters in English. The founders are radio experts Jean Thévenot from France, and René Monat and Fredy Weber from Switzerland

Music Production in a Home Recording Studio: a free online resource for electronic musicians, with guides on electronic music production in a home recording studio, plus loops and samples available for download.

PC-Music.com : resource created to come to the aid of anyone wanting to make music on their computer

Simbiz.info: info, news and resources for success in the music business!

Your Home Studio: this website will give you some basic knowledge on how to buy recording studio equipment and music recording software, how to build a home studio, the music recording process, how to record specific instruments, what to do once you’ve finished recording and even some tips on how to market and distribute your masterpiece